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I enjoy lettering, bring out the old nib and ink pot.

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Paris section of Teacher travel guide

Paris travel guideParis travel guideParis travel guideParis travel guideParis travel guideParis travel guide

Les Lavandes Menu

Les Lavandes Menu

I was having fun with text creating a bistro menu and business card. I would love to make this restaurant real, collaborating with an interior designer and restaurant team. I have great ideas for materials and patterns to decorate and create the environment for this wonderful idea of a restaurant.

Les Lavandes Menu

Les Lavandes Menu

Les Lavandes business card

Les Lavande business card


It has been a while since I have written, but today is a great day to start again. I am here in San Francisco for TYPO SF. A year ago I was at the beginning of building my design career, learning more about design, finding my passions, and now I am diving into the community of typography. Typography is where I find myself constantly researching, playing a “guess the typeface” game with myself and getting exited when I notice differences between terminals, counters, and also classifications. I can’t wait to see what this conference will bring. I am super excited for TYPO SF and looking forward to hearing all great typographers and designers in person.

TypeCon 2011: Surge

Check out TypeCon going on in New Orleans!

TypeCon 2011: New Orleans

And Check out the cool found type at TypeCon here!

Linotype blog

I am looking forward to what Linotype has to offer tomorrow in their blog on digital fonts.
A series about digital fonts is coming…Exciting!