Between observing and enjoying different environments, I am drawn to detail, color, texture, line, balance and movement. For 8 years I have taught art in the areas of Graphic Design, Visual Imagery, Drawing & Painting, Photography, 2D & 3D Design, and Yearbook.

Gina Galileo Self-Portriat


Born and educated in Los Angeles, I love the city, the Art Deco architecture, the extremely modern glass buildings, the murals, the view of the many interchanges to different freeways, and more.

I have a Masters in Education with a Clear Single Subject Teaching Credential in Art, and professional design experience. Each year, I was able to participate in different professional development experiences such as attend the Typography Conference: TYPO SF, Paris Orientation Tour with EF toursthe Graduate Masters Workshop in Venice & Rome with SVAthe MOCA Contemporary Art Start Program, and Photoshopworld Conference.

To expand my design background, I worked as a designer with Innovation Protocol, A Strategic Brand Development Firm and learned the components of business strategy with integrated visual systems, working towards creating emotional connections between people and product. I created logos, visual elements for complete visual systems and adjusted photos to communicate a message for a company’s brand.As for the fine arts, I felt that my foundation solely in European Art was not enough. Therefore, I traveled for 5 months Mexico from west to east down to Peru, covering all Central American countries, with Ecuador, Columbia and Peru in South America. During the travels, I focused on photography, absorbing culture and experiencing Latin American Art. This experience encourages to continue to grow, learn, and engage others in what I learn.

I enjoy being involved and updated in the arts and culture community via AIGA, LACMA and MOCA memberships, attending and volunteering at AIGA events, actively posting design and health articles on Twitter, and following newsletters such as fastcodesign, design envy, ilovetypography, the Daily Heller, and Typographica in addition to the AIGA, LACMA and MOCA membership newsletters. In 2009, I was a featured artist in the Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA) Open Show, LAAA’s signature survey exhibition of emerging Southern California artists of all media. The 2009 Open Show was juried by Apsara DiQuinzio, Assistant Curator, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

I am an educator and enthusiast. Check out my resume here.


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