Image of the Day, July 11

July 11 / Áron Jancsó, Typographic Poster

via Image of the Day, July 11.

Print: Image of the Day July 11, 2011

Print: Image of the Day July 11, 2011

Surreal: Animated Photography

You have to check these out and take a second look at these animated photos.

A dance in the kitchen

A dance in the kitchen

Typographic Animations

Great type animation playing with the word “Sale” in different languages.

Pull & Bear “Summer Sale 2011” Visuals from Clim on Vimeo.

MAKE IT BETTER from Clim on Vimeo.

Inspiring. We can always make it better. I say push it. Push your designs.

TypeCon 2011: Surge

Check out TypeCon going on in New Orleans!

TypeCon 2011: New Orleans

And Check out the cool found type at TypeCon here!

Linotype blog

I am looking forward to what Linotype has to offer tomorrow in their blog on digital fonts.
A series about digital fonts is coming…Exciting!

The Insprining Mosaic in New York

Lets never forget great inspiration. Louise Fili Ltd. created the latest promotional poster design for School of Visual Arts New York. The poster has moved from the underground to three stories tall on the corner of Third Ave and 23rd Street.
Take a look as it points you to SVA and Louise Fili’s studio.

Louise Fili Ltd.: SVA poster

Paul Shaw writes explicitly on the designer’s process as they built and developed this beautiful mosaic printed poster. Enjoy the article here.