Comparing brands

Both brands Volkswagen and Smart Car are using a similar idea to speak to a larger population via presenting the amount of consumption versus expenses in a lifetime. With Volkswagen speaking in terms of life’s costs and expenses compared to Smart’s way of characterizing more consumption than necessary, both companies are building an advertising strategy on creating awareness on consumerism and value of products. The Smart Car makes the statement to consume less and Volkswagen presents high value products for a comparable price. Smart uses an illustrative technique and Volkswagen uses an interactive design to touch on the reality more for each individual. Which do you think is more successful in marketing their brand?

See the making of the VW campaign here:

The Making Of True Life Costs from Terry Hall on Vimeo.</p
Test out the project here.

Watch the Smart Car Ad video here:

Smart Car – Against Dumb from Buck on Vimeo.

Video and illustrations found on


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