Grafilm: Classic Movies Reinvented Through Iconic Designers

Learn more about the style of iconic designers through the Grafilm project done by the Spanish multi-disciplinary design studio Atipo. Each poster was created in the design likeness of the great inspirational designers. Be inspired once again. Take a look here. And if you didn’t see their previous project, Fontface posters, which entailed type design with expression of the human face, visit here as well.

Web Fonts Roundtable Discussion

Whether you are active online, or available in New York, this event sounds like good fun to attend. Drinks and discussion on web fonts with Typekit, Webtype / Font Bureau, and others. I don’t know about you, but I like what typekit and webtype/font bureau offer. Typekit works with Adobe, FontFont, Mark Simmons Fonts, P22, and Underware to name a few. Webtype working with Font Bureau offers great typefaces for magazines, newspapers, and display.
Join the discussion with typekit here and on webtype here, or on Twitter with the hashtag #webfontsround.This is great to get questions answered about what fonts work best online and how to get more creative with our websites by using new fonts. This is your chance to ask about the current and future state of web fonts.

Massimo and Lella Vignelli, AIGA Medalists 1982

Great words taken from AIGA’s Medalists: Massimo and Lella Vignelli “There are three investigations in design,” says Massimo. “The first is the search for structure. Its reward is discipline. The second is the search for specificity. This yields appropriateness. Finally, we search for fun, and we create ambiguity.”


I think it is great to know why we are designers and what we design for. Take a look at this site and read, definitely a great read. Manifestos written by Milton Glaser, Edenspiekermann and Bob Gill are a few highlights. Check out Steven Heller’s critique on the manifestos in Manifesto Wars.

One Day For Design, 04.13.2011

One Day For Design, 04.13.2011.

Check it out! Participate! The conversations are stirring! So exciting!

Beautiful French Paper

You have to take a look at the beautifully textured paper characterizing a calendar. The paper has a true feel to it.

One Day for Design!

One Day for Design

One Day for Design

Don’t forget AIGA’s event this Wednesday, the best digital design conversation that will go on all day to exchange ideas, challenge viewpoints and push boundaries. Join the conversation at or via Twitter. Moderators include: Alex Bogusky, Doug Bowman, Liz Danzico, Debbie Millman, Erik Spiekermann, Armin Vit, Alissa Walker and Katherine Walker.