Since teaching, I have become a full-time mom. With this new commitment, I have begun to pick up a familiar but new artistic journey, calligraphy. First exercise…


Go Get Em Tiger

Coffee that makes you float. Your thoughts at flight, conversations in the air, smiles afloat. Creating in a space above the surface.
Why does ggetla have an astronaut for their brand image?
Along with their idea that coffee is an aid to everyday activities, they decided to name themselves go get em tiger to give you that extra pat on the back. Go get em! With that in mind, they wanted to present themselves using illustrations of people doing awesome things. Hence, the floating astronaut and charging motorcyclist. There were a couple others, a boxer and a doctor running down the halls, but the astronaut really triumphed as a great representative. Their image is clean, expressive and awesome.


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Alexus Hoang specializes in textures and sentimental photography.

Alexus Hoang

Awesome Student Work

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Sam Mor


Kevin McKinzie


Handwriting of Typographers

Culinary Pantone Colors: OBlog: Design Observer

Culinary Pantone Colors: OBlog: Design Observer.


“It’s what we do when we notice an idea that matters. It’s the action you take with an idea that is valuable. Because, on a regular basis ideas aren’t all that original or rare. What is rare is the individual who acts on his or her ideas, who takes them and presents them to the world in some form or another.
If you want to get value from your ideas, you have to do something more with them apart from thinking them up.”
Found on Creative Something, Creative Ideas and Inspiration

So many times when I walk through a modern art museum, I hear people say, “I could have done that…” or “that is not art”, and yet why didn’t they do it, and why do they not consider it art. Art can be the formula at which something is created. It can be the product, but also the process. Some artists claim that art is what occurs as a response to something you see, hear, and feel. Art is created by making ideas real, making what your mind wants to configure into something real. Many times, we think ideas that move through our minds are unimportant, uninspiring, or simply impossible to achieve, and yet, if we see our idea alive due to someone else making it happen, we may say “I thought of that.” If you may have thought of it, then why didn’t you follow through with your idea? Why didn’t you make it happen?

Next time your mind has an idea and you focus on it for more than a minute, maybe it is something you should make happen. Once you go through the process of making it happen and making it real, you will be able to proudly say “I did it”, and feel a strong sense of accomplishment in making something that was once figurative into something tangible.